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AppareoFX™: One Look Is All It Takes
By: Greg Ortmann, President, Feiereisen, Inc.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s an exciting new process in the printing industry that’s turning heads all the way down the supply chain. It’s AppareoFX™ whose holographic appearance is as striking as any light management technique or reflective foil board in the marketplace.

AppareoFX may have arrived on the scene only a short time ago but its magic touch has already been tapped for a host of brand name and printed collateral with a distinctive look that harnesses the power of light managing effects.

Designed for maximum packaging eye appeal, AppareoFX can transfer up to 15 different holographic patterns as either a flood or spot application onto a printed sheet with a minimum size of 13” by 18” and maximum size of 28” by 40”. Recommended stock weight is 100lb. text up to a 24pt. board.

Demand is definitely growing at this time as only one trade finisher in the U.S. is licensed to offer this unique technology. Meanwhile, an increasing number of companies are conducting research and development efforts on their packages in test markets to determine how AppareoFX will impact product sales.

A Real Plus for Packaging
Adding to the appeal of AppareoFX has been its positive impact on the environment. In the past, to get the holographic image out, holographic foil had to be laid down or an expensive holographic metallized board had to be used. With AppareoFX, the product becomes recyclable. Now, the same look can be achieved without incurring the high cost of foil stamping or having to use expensive, non-recyclable metallized board.

That’s good news for some big retailers who have launched a major push for products stocked on their shelves to be more eco-friendly. As a result, suppliers will have to change how they produce packages. Some printing industry experts believe more packaging companies will be turning to AppareoFX to help meet these requirements.  

The eye-popping effects of AppareoFX are prominently featured on products ranging from pocket folders to frozen food packages to phone book covers to postcard mailers and any other items found in retail venues that require high quality packaging. So far, the biggest response drawn by AppareoFX has come from products such as cereal, toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, publishers and cosmetics where the holographic image provides a sense of movement on the package. This effect captures your attention which is exactly what marketing companies are banking on.

There’s also something to be said for the staying power of AppareoFX. Studies show that consumers are more likely to pick up a product whose package has been enhanced with a light managing effect and put it in their shopping cart instead of back on the shelf.

Bigger and Bolder Works Best
Customers captivated by AppareoFX’s charms should keep in mind that this process is cutting edge as far as finishing technology goes and is not be readily available from your average local trade finisher. After locating a trade finishing partner capable of executing this process, it’s important to be very thorough in the planning of your project.

While AppareoFX achieves its maximum effect in bigger and bolder areas, it can be applied in small areas. Since it’s a liquid, there is a small amount of spread that occurs when laying down on the sheet. This should be considered when trying to match a tight fit to print register.

Color Counts
It’s also a good idea to look over your artwork ahead of time to make sure everything fits well. Pay particular attention to picking out colors underneath your piece because darker colors create better prismatic colors when the AppareoFX process has been completed.

Regarding color selection, here are some tips to help you gain the maximum mileage for your products using AppareoFX:

  • Use solid panels of colors Blues, blacks or yellows work best

As word continues to spread throughout the industry about this one of a kind effect, you can expect more companies to climb aboard the AppareoFX bandwagon.


Greg Ortmann is president of Feiereisen, Inc., a leading provider of post press and finishing services including die cutting, scoring and perforation, book binding and restoration, folding, gluing, board and litho mounting, film lamination and UV coating, foil stamping, embossing and more. Founded in 1933, Feiereisen has locations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City.